Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

This is our “go to” method for upholstery that lends itself to wet cleaning, providing a deep down clean and resulting in lovely fresh looking sofas. At DONEanDUSTED we use market leading equipment that is at the pinnacle of fabric cleaning technology to provide our customers with the very best results and the shortest drying times possible.

Our Texathermâ„¢ EMV 201 machine allows us to clean at a range of temperatures and PSI’s for different types of fibres and fabrics enabling us to clean your soft furnishings safely whilst obtaining the very best results.

Correctly identifying the type of fibres to be cleaned plays a large part in getting your upholstery back in tip-top condition and you can rest assured that we are experts at this.

Our findings will determine the safest and most effective solutions to be used so you can be sure your sofas are being cleaned not only effectively, but also correctly.

Our five star HWE treatment includes:


  • Pre vacuum to remove as much dry dirt as possible.
  • Pre treat any spots and staining.
  • Pre spray with detergent and sanitizer.
  • Mechanically work in the solution with a CRB machine.
  • Hot water rinse and extract.
  • Deodourising treatment to finish.

Drying times for your upholstery will vary depending on the type of fabric and the level of soiling. We do however use air movers where possible to keep drying times down to a minimum.

Have a look below at some images of us at work using the HWE upholstery cleaning method.

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