Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning has become quite a popular method in recent years. The obvious reason for this is because the method boasts zero drying time so is super convenient for the customer. Couple this with the fact that it also gives fantastic results and you can see why it has become so popular.

This method is also environmentally friendly, with all of the HOST™ cleaning products being GREEN SEAL™ Certified, which means they are safe to use around pets and children.

Furthermore, the HOST™ method has been scientifically proven to dramatically reduce allergens from your carpet. Just one clean using the HOST™ system reduces dust mites by 78%, dust mite allergen by 75%, cat allergen by 85% and mold spores by 85%.

The HOST™ method is safe to use on wool with all products being WOOLSAFE™ Approved. It is also a safe and effective method to clean carpets made from materials that will not tolerate moisture like Sisal and Seagrass.

At DONEanDUSTED we are a qualified and approved HOST™ cleaning system technician and are always happy to discuss your requirements with you to establish if this method would be beneficial.

Benefits of HOST™ Dry Extraction Cleaning System


  • Absolutley no drying time.
  • Pet and child safe.
  • Enviroment friendly.
  • Woolsafe approved.
  • Fantastic results.

Have a look below at some images of us at work using the Host™ dry carpet cleaning method.

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