Stain Guarding Service

Often referred to as “Scotchguard” which is in fact just a very expensive brand name.
At DONEanDUSTED we use a market leading and highly advanced polmer based protector which will protect against both water and oil-based stains.
It is 100% naturally air curable so requires no forced drying or heat, as well as being stable against UV degradation.
The best time to apply this protection is immediately after your carpets or upholstery have been professionally cleaned as it will provide a protective barrier preventing any spillages from being absorbed and potentially leading to permanent staining.

Ask us about our special “Clean And Protect” deal and save 50% on the cost of your protection.

We also offer this treatment as a stand-alone service to anyone who requires their recently purchased carpets or upholstery protecting. We are a lot cheaper than the showrooms and big stores that try to sell you it as an add-on.

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