Commercial And Maintenance Carpet Cleaning

If you are running a business from premises where your customers are likely to visit, you will be aware that image is everything. The cleanliness and presentation of your place of work need to give the correct impression to your customers.
Having a clean working environment suggests to people that you are efficient and take pride in what you do. Not only this but it also creates a healthier, more pleasant workspace for your employees which in turn leads to a happier more productive workforce.
However, there are also financial benefits to maintaining your carpets too. Being subject to regular foot traffic means they are constantly receiving deposits of grit, grease and soil. This is then ground into the carpets with more footfall and begins to cause discolouration, damage and fraying which is unsightly and unhygienic.
It is a lot more cost effective to maintain your carpets than to replace them!



  • Gives the right impression to your customers.
  • Creates a more pleasant working environment.
  • Hygienic and improves air quality in your workplace.
  • Saves you money.

Have a look below at some images of us at work on commercial cleaning and maintenance.

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