Spot And Stain Removal

Staining on your carpets or upholstery can be unsightly and annoying but accidents do happen!
Some can be relatively simple to remove with the correct cleaning solutions and technique.
Others can be more complex and require a combination of treatments in the right order to achieve the desired results. Successful stain removal not only requires an understanding of chemistry but also patience too.
At DONEanDUSTED we are highly trained and skilled in the art of stain removal so you can rest assured that if a stain is removable then we can get it out!



  • Many Common Stains Are Removable When Treated Correctly.
  • The Quicker A Stain Is Treated The Better The Results Can Be.
  • Using Whatever You Have Under The Sink Can Make It Worse.
  • Often Causing Permanent Damage To Your Carpets Or Upholstery.
  • Never Try To Remove A Stain Yourself – Call A Professional.

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