Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning


Texatherm™ Process Cleaning – Dry In 30 Minutes – Guaranteed!

For our low moisture cleaning method, we use the patented Texatherm™ Process Clean. This consists of market-leading technology and state of the art equipment combined to produce a cleaning method with a great array of benefits.

The process combines chemical reaction with a highly absorbent heated pad which creates a capillary wicking action.
This draws soil and staining up out of the carpet fibres and on to the pad leaving the carpet clean and fresh.

The Texatherm™ Process Clean is ideal for cleaning difficult, low cut carpet tiles found in commercial premises. This system not only cleans but also disinfects and applies an anti-static coating too.

It is low noise and very quick drying so causes a minimum of disruption in the workplace.

Benefits Of Texatherm™ Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning


  • Dry in 30 minutes – Guaranteed!
  • Low moisture and noise levels.
  • Cleans, disinfects and applies andti static coating.
  • Safe to use on wool caprets.

At DONEanDUSTED we are a qualified and approved Texatherm™ cleaning systems technician and are always happy to discuss your requirements with you to establish if this method would suitable.

Have a look below at some images of us at work using the Texatherm™ Low Moisture carpet cleaning method.

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